What is this channel about?


These videos are recordings of past Facebook LIVE sessions.  You can join the conversation LIVE by following Passion As A Verb on Facebook.  Be present on Thursdays at 6 PM PST / 8 PM CST / 9 PM EST.  


Time-out Thursdays started as a random idea I had one Thursday night.  I wanted to just talk with some late-night mompreneurs and wedge out on our days/weeks.  I jumped on LIVE and low and behold people were jumping on with me and we had a great time!  It was within this first video I decided it would be an ongoing thing, but with one change.  It's open to all business owners and entrepreneurs, not just mompreneurs!


The topics/content is not pre-planned.  Unless I am truly inspired to speak on something specific. I just jump on and we see what happens.  Typically someone asks a question and then I make it the discussion for the evening.  It's alot of fun.  The best part is that I invite others to join me LIVE and either ask a question or share their story.


Come join us for the fun!

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Time-Out Thursdays