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GIVEAWAY - Save some time getting 'Slayed'

This is for all my hard working ladies who don't get to find much time for themselves or spoil themselves with a little gift. Or feel they just simply don't have the time.

I have created a giveaway of a tool I have found saves me time when I'm trying to get 'SLAYED' and it saves my fiance the headache of my stuff being all over the bathroom counter.

As a business owner. One is consistently in front of people whether in person or on video I always want to look my best. So a few months ago I began the journey of reigniting the 'ATHENA' that loved fashion, makeup and lunch dates.

I started watching YouTube videos on different makeup techniques, buying new brush sets and makeup. However it was taking me 45 minutes to get it all done. Mainly cause I couldn't remember where I put the shade of lipstick I wanted, or which purse I left my mascara in etc.

Until one day browsing Amazon I found this Makeup Cosmetic Organizer . I got everything organized and then I timed my makeup routine to test if it could really save me some time. I challenged myself to get my full face done under 20 minutes and I did it (watch my "20 Minute Makeup Challenge" Video to see for yourself!).

Once I realized I could get my SLAY on in just 20 minutes I found myself wanting to dress a little nicer, upgrading the wardrobe a little bit and found my phone filling up with smile selfies.

All this to say my self-love, self-confidence and self-worth has grown stronger. Not because of this organizer but because of the snowball affect one thing had on another.

In the midst of all this self growth I found myself wanting to take better care of my house too! I organized my closet, bathroom, office and garage!! Can we say I received some major love points from the fiance. WHOOP WHOOP!

Could you use a little confidence snowball booster? Would a little 'getting ready' relief with a little more organization and time savings of your getting SLAYED (or your go everyday look) makeup routine interest you? Save yourself a few extra minutes in the morning and get to your day faster!!!

It's so important to LOVE on yourself. So check out this video and ENTER to WIN and get SLAYED for your day!

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