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Are you a #noexcuseentrepreneur?

What do I mean when I say #noexcuses?  I mean exactly that ... have no excuses.  If you ever intend to change your situtation you need to drop the excuses. Need more clarification ... let me use myself as an example.  Below are all the excuses I could have used at any point in time to not move forward:

  • Single mother of 2 daughters.  One daughter has a medical condition called BPP (Bilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyrhia). Daughters are Irish twins (born within 9 months of each other ... so yes basically twins).

  • Divorce totally destroyed my credit .. which you need for business

  • No College Degree, No trade school Degree ... just highschool education and some college courses

  • No business starter savings account (as in no money to start a company)

  • No investments or investors (as I said...divorce hurt credit)

  • Severe Asthma (bad enough walking up 1 flight of stairs takes my breath away)

  • long-term battle with low self-esteem and self confidence

  • etc etc etc should I really list more ..... ok

Not enough for you ... how about obstacles I had to overcome:

  • flexibility and time to attend every need and appointment for my special needs daughter (hmm what corporate job would allow me to leave 3 times within one day for 1-1.5 hours each time 2 -3 days a week)

  • Coming so close to homelessness.  1 week away from eviction. At that car, no job, no electricity (that was off for 3 weeks) no water (that was turned off for a month) 

  • Depression

  • do you want more...

Basically ... never judge a book by its cover ...
you never know what content of stories it carries. 

I say ALL THIS to create the foundation and showcase where my start line was.  It was November 4th 2010 ... life changed.  How?  Because my mindset changed.  Took one night that I dropped to my knees ... grabbed my daughters ... and told God there was NO WAY he had me birth these 2 angels to be where I was.  My 'whoa is me' song changed to wanting to be that girl that behind closed doors fell to my knees thankful because I was writing checks with a whole bunch of zeros (Mary Mary song reference).  Through trust, faith and persistence, I went from broke and almost no home, to a full-time job, saved my home, bought a fully loaded SUV with many premier features, to walking away from the Full time corporate job to full time entrepreneurship all within 4 years.

So here I am ... with #noexcuses to share with you that no matter what you have been through or what you face, there is always another journey and another path to take. It starts with having cake and ice cream:


  • Celebrating your accomplishments, every single one

  • Allowing yourself to be success

  • Knowing you deserve to have success, and acting on it

  • Empowering yourself for yourself so no one can take your motivation

Ice Cream

  • Inspiration

  • Courage and

  • Eagerness to

  • Create and

  • Reach levels of

  • Extended

  • Altitudes to

  • Move masses, matter and mountains of excuses 

Through business resources and tools, networking and business challenges I want to show you how to have your cake and ice cream, one post at a time.  Let me teach you how to #livepaav!

Now ... tell me ... what your favorite cake and ice cream? Mine is chocolate cake and rainbow sherbet from Baskin Robbins!

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